President’s message


Mutual cultural and philosophical knowledge of East and West continues to grow. Nevertheless, we are witnessing the persistence of problems in the field of commercial and economic relations between East and West in both local and global contexts.

In Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce, we overcome these paradox thanks to our own know-how, which allows us to not only open markets, associate countries and industries, enter partnerships, but also cultivate business, create valuable friendships and gain sympathy and support from both corporate and government authorities. In this sense, we are an independent association.

Our commercial policy is based on three pillars: 1. Business for us is not just a business. Business is for us also a relationship. 2. The relationship for us is not just a business relationship. The relationship is for us also an interpersonal relationship. 3. The interpersonal relationship is for us not just the relationship to people´s professional experience and knowledge. The interpersonal relationship is for us also the relationship to people´s cultural values, traditions and customs. Therefore, we do not separate international trade and economic cooperation from the intercultural communication and collaboration.

Also thanks to the esteem and respect for the East cultural values we have become in China for a relatively short period of time reliable partners for local governmental, regional and municipal structures, financial circles and leading Chinese State-owned corporations, as well as scientific-research and educational institutions. We are working on strategic entry into other countries of South-East and Central Asia, and also Japan and Middle East.

In frames of our cooperation with Chinese partners we have already entered into a series of projects in the commercial, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation. They will be presented on our website. We implement our cooperation in the fields of power sector, waste management, transport, aviation and agriculture.

The proven models of structuring the cooperation will be progressively implemented also in other countries of Eastern and Western Europe and North America. We are already active in Romania, Hungary and Russia.

Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce assumes the role of brain trust, communication, organization, management and creation center for the development of Slovak-Euro-Asian business, economic and financial relations. In 2013, we organized in Bratislava the Economic Forum, which was attended by representatives of the most influential Chinese corporations in such numbers that the Forum drew the attention of the European Union. So we sent the first signal that the future impact of Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce will not just be local, but it will be global.

I founded our chamber of commerce with the vision of independence and building our own know-how. I see realistically our future with a sense of responsibility as a future of a global player in the field of trade and economic cooperation between East and West.